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13 ways you'll know this is the right home for you

Updated: May 27, 2020

1.  You Want to Go Inside the House

2.  Part of the excitement of looking at homes is not knowing which could be your new home when you pull up to the curb. Is it the one on the left, or does the house on the right strike your fancy? If it is the house on the right, and you like it better than the house on the left, that could be a sign. It means there is something about this house that appeals to you.

3.  The House Embraces You the Moment You Enter

4.  Within 3 seconds of entering the house, you will know whether it feels warm and comforting. Does it seem to speak to you? Does the house invite you to explore? Does it feel, well . . . right?

5.  You Don’t Feel Funny in the Bathroom Sometimes buyers feel so uncomfortable near a bathroom that they won’t walk into the room. They are afraid to let their feet touch that bathroom floor. They will stand outside, grab the door frame, and poke their heads in for a minute. If you can walk into the bathroom and feel compelled to open the shower door or stroke the vanity marble, this is your house.

6.  You Are Possessive About the House Maybe your agent points out a flaw and says, “There is a stain in the kitchen sink,” and you want to slap her face for saying something so mean about this house. You want to defend every flaw you see. If you even see the flaws, because right now, flaws do not matter.

7.  You Begin to Envision Furniture Arrangement If you walk into the master bedroom and immediately see your bed against a particular wall, this might be your house. If you find yourself thinking that the living room window is a perfect spot to put a tree come Christmas, you’re already hooked.

8.  You Can See Yourself Painting a Wall Your Favorite Color Perhaps deep purple is not your favorite color. Maybe it’s blue. Maybe you’re thinking those purple walls in the kid’s room would look better in a blue jean color. In fact, you might even know the name of the paint color you plan to use.

9.  The House Fits Your Basic Needs The dynamics might not hit every bullet point on your list, but it meets the basic requirements. The house has the number of rooms and space you need. Maybe it doesn’t have a garage, and in a flash of enlightenment you realize that buying a house with a garage is not important. Maybe you suddenly realize you could build a garage.

10. You Want to Stop Looking at Other Homes All of the other homes you’ve been looking at no longer appeal to you. The homes on that list you’ve been carrying around seem insignificant. Moreover, the homes you had previously rated a #8 have now fallen to a #2 rating. The homes you have seen pale in comparison. You would feel like a traitor if you went to see other homes.

11.  You Can’t Wait to Brag About This House to Your Friends It would not be unusual for you to snap a few photos and text message your best friend before you’ve finished touring the home. You feel excited. The excitement seems to manifest itself. You shoot more photographs.

12.  Every Thought in Your Mind Tells You to Buy That House Except for that nagging little thought that wonders if you should sleep on it, every other thought in your head says this is the perfect house for you. You are consumed. You can’t think about anything else apart from owning this house.

13) You see it as an opportunity to make yourself better with it in your life, a joy that you wait for after work.

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