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5 simple tips on how to find amazing real estate deals you won't believe are real

1) Be positive, understand that things don't always happen fast, and the right one will come, but understand the moment to strike. Real estate is not a short term investment, for 99% of people. and don't always believe what is shown on TV ask for opinion and thoughts. We have over 40 years of experience and specialize in flipping. 2) Know what you want, but understand that there is no 100% perfect house or home. There is a difference between the 2. A home is what you make ou

13 ways you'll know this is the right home for you

1.  You Want to Go Inside the House 2.  Part of the excitement of looking at homes is not knowing which could be your new home when you pull up to the curb. Is it the one on the left, or does the house on the right strike your fancy? If it is the house on the right, and you like it better than the house on the left, that could be a sign. It means there is something about this house that appeals to you. 3.  The House Embraces You the Moment You Enter 4.  Within 3 seconds of en

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